On May 13, we had a meeting with the European Railway Agency, represented by, among others, Chris Carl (Head of the Executive Office of the ERA) with whom we discussed and presented proposals and claims on Culture of Safety in European railways and Just Culture.

Later, in addition, we had a meeting with representatives of the General Directorate of Transport and Mobility of the European Commission, together with the representation of the ERA and the ALE team, before which we made a presentation making clear that the ALE does not pretend a transposition of only a part of the Directives that are part of the 4th Railway Package and that concerns us, the transposition of the Safety Directive. In this transposition in particular we find deficiencies, doubts and uncertainty, so we made it clear that we must, all the actors that participate in the rail industry first hand, work together and in favor of an adaptation of the community regulations to the member countries , with all the guarantees.