Yesterday, February 13th 2020, the collaboration agreement between ALE and ETF (European Transport Worker´s Federation) was finally signed. It is a historic moment because the two european organizations wich combine the representation of almost all the train drivers, understand that it is time to give greater strength to the trade union movement in Europe.

The strength of the ALE member unions, together with the support provided by the European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI), has made it possible to initiate a collaborative process, equally with ETF, that leads us to strengthen and improve social, labor and economic conditions for the train drivers, ensuring adequate training standards and that are to achieve the great objective of ensuring greater safety in the rail system through the Just Culture.

At a time of change, due to the transposition of the 4th Railway Package, we have to focus our efforts on getting European institutions to see, now more than ever, that train drivers are united, regardless of the organization to which they belong, and that we will continue working for the welfare of our collective.