ALE – Autonomous Train Drivers‘ Unions of Europe


The autonomous Train Drivers‘ Unions of Europe (Autonome Lokomotivführer-Gewerkschaften Europas – ALE) is a confederation of 16 European train drivers‘ unions.

ALE’s constituent member unions are responsible for organising some 65,000 train drivers.

ALE is a professional organisation, which represents their social and economical interests throughout European railways.

Executive Officers of the Board of Management

Since 2014 the Board of Management consists of the following executive officers:

Juan Jesús García Fraile

Juan Jesús García Fraile

President of ALE

Secretario General SEMAF España

Sindicato Español de Maquinistas y Ayudantes Ferroviarios SEMAF
Paseo de las Delicias 20, Planta 3
E – 28045 Madrid

Tel: + 34 / 91 / 7 74 94 00
Fax: + 34 / 91 / 7 74 94 14
e-mail: semaf(at)

Leszek Mietek

Leszek Mietek

Vicepresident of ALE

Prezydent ZZM Polska

Zwiazek Zawodowy Maszynistow Kolejowych W Polsce ZZM
ul. Grójecka 17
PL-02-021 Warszawa

Tel: + 48 / 22 / 47 42 615
Fax: + 48 / 22 / 47 42 616
e-mail: zzmale(at)

Pietro Serbassi

Pietro Serbassi

Vicepresident of ALE

Presidente (FAST Ferrovie) Italia

Federazione Autonoma dei Sindacati dei Trasporti (FAST Ferrovie)
Via Albona 1
00177 Roma

Tel: + 39 / 6 / 4730 76 66
Fax: + 39 / 6 / 4730 75 56
e-mail: serbassi(at)

Board of Management

The Board of Management of ALE is composed of:

  • the executive officers,
  • the other Presidents of all constituent member unions of ALE that are not already represented among the executive officers
  • the treasurer.

ALE Congress

The chief organ of ALE is the ALE Congress which is generally held every four years. The ALE Congress elects the Executive Officers of the Board of Management and passes resolutions on main political aims for the period until the next ALE Congress.

Central Office and language

ALE’s Central Office is located at the offices of whichever individual union currently provides its President. The Central Office is momentarily located in Madrid (E). The chosen language, in which communication takes place is determined by usefulness and requires a majority decision of the Board of Management. Momentarily the language used within ALE is German.


All autonomous and democratically organised European trades unions and professional organisations whose task it is to represent individual or specific professions of railway cabin staff are eligible to become members of ALE.

Pay bargaining

As an umbrella Organisation, ALE has no negotiation rights on salaries and wages. Individual ALE members, on the other hand, do have such rights at national levels.