One of the main demands of ALE as a defender and spokes organization for train drivers throughout Europe is the commitment to a Safety Culture in the railway sector that really works, that is a Just Safety Culture: which does not punish the professional who makes decisions in tenths of a second; a professional who, on most occasions, is the last link in the safety chain.

In order to further improve safety in the European rail system, the European Agency for Railways (ERA) is launching a unique safety perception survey open to all rail professionals working in the European Union and in EFTA states: the European Rail Safety Climate Survey (ERA-SCS). It is an online survey hosted on the EUSurvey platform, accessible in 22 European languages on smartphones, tablets and computers. And now ALE is involved as one of the main collaborators together with the ERA in disseminating the survey and reaching out to a more specific target group: European train drivers.

To reach all those professionals contributing to the European rail system and working in those organizations who did not participate as partners and those who wanted to answer solely at the European level, the standard ERA-SCS has been launched on the 16th of June and accessible until the 7th of October.

Click here to access the different language versions of the ERA-SCS

It is essential that this survey receives feedback from European train drivers, as our perception of safety, our profession and the way we experience it are very specific and decisive in the development of such a sensitive issue as SAFETY.

If you are a train driver, fill in the survey!!