Violence at work is a recurrent problem that many of our trade union affiliates experience, more frequently in regional and local passenger transport.

The guidelines are an important step to equip our members with tools to address and, ideally, prevent violence against them in the first place.

As underlined in various occasions through a joint declaration of the social partners, the guidelines are a crucial instrument to support the right of workers to a safe and healthy workplace, in line with the EU Framework Directive on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), the European pillar of social rights and, not least, at global level, the adopted ILO Convention 190 on violence and harassment.

The guidelines are still very much needed: despite the progressive increase in awareness and in the procedures available against violence and harassment at work, there has been an increase in violence and harassment of third parties at work in several sectors and in the EU Member States, and the lack of information and data is still to be regretted, which means that the figures may even be higher than expected. Therefore, as an important tool to counteract this situation, these Guidelines should be further disseminated and promoted at EU and especially national level, thus reaching out to workers on the ground, who are the actual or potential victims of aggressive behaviour, whether verbal, physical or psychological.

Today we are again participating, together with the other colleagues who are part of @CESI, in a symposium to share our point of view, our experience and to set the guidelines for the future.

No violence should be allowed. #NoViolenceAtWork #TrainDrivers