On the 5th, we participated in Brussels at the European Parliament in a breakfast debate organized by Barbara T. MEP in collaboration with ALLRAIL (Alliance of Passenger Rail New Entrants) and ERFA-European Rail Freight Association, also with the presence of representatives from the Directorate-General for mobility and transport of the European Commission.

The topic of the meeting was the revision of the Train Drivers Directive #TDD and, among the most relevant points currently under discussion, the language requirements necessary for drivers operating in cross-border traffic were discussed.

The ALE – Federation of European Train Drivers Unions Secretary General, Alejandro Martínez Treceño, emphasized the importance of being careful during the process of the revision of the Train Drivers’ Directive, stressing the importance of #safety in order to ensure that it is not put in risk in any way.

We all want #more rail in Europe, but not at any price. The challenges we face make it necessary to complement the objectives of sustainable transport and the promotion of rail as the more eco-friendly means of transport, together with a European standard that makes the profession of train driver attractive to new generations, given the high average age of our collective in Europe. It means appropriate working conditions, safe profession, adequate salaries, high standards of training, etc.

By maintaining high safety levels, and providing adequate and standardized training that does not lead to unbalances in obtaining the European driving Licenses and Certificates between different countries, we will be ready to reach the objectives we all pursue.